AE Wifi Radio

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Opening the AE

This page describes how to open the AE radio. Most is easy, but take care when removing or connecting the flatcable, this is a fragile part of the radio's guts.

Opening the AE (Click for a full-sized version)
  • Pull off the knob and remove the two small screws underneath.
  • Pull op the front of the rubber foot and remove the two smalls screws.
  • Gently pull forward the metal front of the radio and remove.
  • Remove the 4 screws in the deep holes.
  • The radio can now be taken apart. Be careful because front and back are still connected by the fragile flatcable and the two speaker cables.
  • The flatcable can be removed by gently pulling back the red plastic clips on the connector. This is all very fragile, and can easily break, so don't remove if there's no need to.