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This section has been created to allow the documentation of hardware modifications which are generic to most radios.

With newer firmwares and some tweaking of the config.txt file, it is possible to add a mini USB hub to support a memory stick and and ethernet adapter.

Compatible USB Wireless adapters

First generation radios shipped with a Zydas based USB 802.11b/g wireless dongle (These dongles have issues with wireless N networks. See Replacing the internal WLAN module). The majority of radios now use a RaLinkTech based USB 802.11b/g wireless dongle utilising the RT2571 chipset.

There is no support for the 802.11n wireless standard and associated products at the time of writing.

Here is a list of tested direct replacement adapters:

  • Bluenext BN-WD54G (RT2571)
  • Edimax EW-7318UG (RT2571)
  • TP-Link TL-WN321G (RT2571) - not compatible with newer TL-WN321G v4 (RT2070L)
  • Hawking HWU54D
  • Sweex LW053
  • SparkLan WL-685R (rt73)

List of other tested adapters with unique features:

  • Edimax EW-7317UHG - USB2 adapter with high gain mini dish (only briefly tested)
  • Edimax EW-7318USG - with 4dB antenna
  • Hawking HWUG1 - with removable antenna and SMA connector

List of unverified adapters sharing the same FCC ID as the Edimax EW-7318UG:

  • Canyon CN-WF518
  • Conceptronic C54RU+
  • Edimax EW-7318Ug, GWU-E18G
  • Gembird NICW-U1
  • JAHT WN-4054UM
  • Levelone WNC-0301USB
  • Planet WL-U356R
  • Sandberg 130-97
  • Sitecom WL-113v1 002

Compatible USB Ethernet adapters

Adapters based on the Pegasus, Asix AX88172 (NOT 88772!), and Realtek RTL8150 ethernet chipsets are believed to be compatible with the radios.

Here is a list of tested adapters:

  • Belkin F5D5050 (Pegasus)
  • Dynamode USB-NIC-1427-100 (RTL8150)
  • Farallon Netline USB ethernet 10/100 adapter
  • Level One USB-0100TX (Pegasus II ADM8511)
  • Netgear FA120 USB2.0 Fast Ethernet adapter
  • SMC 2206USB Ethernet adapter
  • Startech USB1100S (RTL8150)

List of other Pegasus-based adapters. These have not been verified:

How to add remote control to a radio